Getting great returns from your website investments

Every business wants their website to be on top, to stand out, to generate business and ultimately profit. But many websites struggle to attract customers, and don't gain the top spots, the high rankings, and the best positions in search engines. Positioning your website at the top can however give you the best customers, the ones who will pay more, generate more profit and come back time and again. Our service is all about turning websites from nice looking additions to your business, into positive assets by using techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation, web marketing, lead generation and management, content expansion and other marketing and computing technolgies.

Canary Search Optimisation can help you to achieve these goals. We have already achieved top search engine positions for businesses working in the holiday markets in the Canary Islands. One of the keys to sucess is our backgrounds in both marketing and IT, giving us the ability to direct technology more effectively. Our services can help small businesses wether in the Canaries or not, to develop more achievable strategies and take leading positions in their market sectors.

By using our services you can get top positions in the major search engines, improve your conversion rates and generate better profits for your business.

What can we do for your website?

Our service can take your website, and 'optimise' it so that it gets a top position in search engine results, so that it is then chosen by more potential clients. However getting high rankings for your website is just one part of the equation. From past experience in a variety of industries we have developed what we call 'Total Website Marketing', which includes Search Engine Optimisation, but also covers Web Marketing, Supporting Systems and Content Developments. Think of Total Website Marketing as tuning the sound from your hi-fi - to get the best result all the elements need to be adjusted in harmony; and different music styles are tuned in different ways. No two websites are the same - every market sector requires a different approach to optimise the website to the customer and the search engines.

You need to ensure that all the elements are tuned well so that your website performs optimally

Our practical skills in Seach Engine Optimisation and Web Marketing can be broken down into discrete services so that existing sites can be effectively tuned for optimum improvement.

  • Web Marketing Objectives - we look at the reasons for being on the web, the expected outcomes, competitor analysis, and most importantly who are your best customers.
  • Basic Website Search Optimisation - We Ensure that all the correct tracking tools are in place, that essential SEO engineering has taken place, that the website is search engine friendly and that your external linking strategies are working.
  • Content development and focus - By understanding customer needs and wants we can ensuring that your website answers the questions customers want answered.
  • Advanced Search Optimisation and website re-engineering - We make sure that your website is totally geared around search engines at the technical level, while retaining and building a customer interface with high client retention and sales.
  • Web Sales Support - often ignored, for this service we look at how you handle enquiries, (especially email) and put in place tools and systems such as permission marketing to improve your closing rate.
  • Traffic analysis and management - We make sure you get the right visitors to your site. Are you simply hosting time-wasters, bandwidth robbers and the spam artists?

Web Marketing in the Canaries

You need to ensure that all the elements are tuned well so that your website performs optimally

Can you get the top spot ahead of the competition?

The effective marketing of products and services in the Canaries to tourists and holidaymakers has a series of special problems to consider, especially the language mix of the target groups and the fragmented geography. While many websites will focus on optimising their rankings for one of the seven islands (Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, El Hierro, La Palma or la Gomera) there are others which will need to be positioned for other searches. These problems apply equally when considering optimising a website for many other holiday areas such as the Greek Islands, Red Sea, Caribean or Far East.

By taking these factors into account at the start of the planning of the project, business owners and managers can ensure that the resulting website optimization covers a wider audience set which again increases overall traffic and return on investment.

Canary Search Optimisation is managed by Brian Goldthorpe, a Chartered Marketer with long term skills in both IT and marketing, giving him an ideal background from which to tackle web marketing products. These skills have already been successfully applied to the marketing of a leading SCUBA diving centre in Gran Canaria, Davy Jones Diving, and has resulted in one case of amazing growth, with web bookings moving from just 5% of all sales to accounting for over 70% of sales in winter. We carry out all the work in the Canary Islands with it's low tax rate and excellent working conditions so that you get top quality advice and support at a cost effective rate.