Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your service limited to the Canaries?
  • No, we can undertake projects on any website providing we are given the required passwords. Only if a 'significant' review or rewrite is required is it likely that face to face meetings will be required.

  • What level of confidentiality do you operate?
  • All our discussions are totally confidential unless the client agrees to publicity. When we start work for a client in a market area, we will not then take on a similar project from one of their competitors in that geographic area.

  • Can you gaurantee to obtain the number one ranking position in a Google Search ?
  • Nobody can give cast iron gaurantees, as there are so many factors outside our control .. Google can easily change it's algorithm, and competitors may already have long term entrenched SEO which can be hard to challenge; however whenever we have targetted a sector or specific keywords we have been successful if not gainging first position, then certainly top five.

  • I employ my own programmer and want him to do this work, can you help?
  • Yes, we can provide staff training in the key areas for Search Engine Optimisation; however unless you have somebody who is very marketing aware, it may not be as easy to transfer skills in the areas of content development or keyword targeting.