Content Development Services from Canary Search Optimisation

While many SEO strategies will concentrate on linking and positioning tricks, it is vital to develop web pages which have good, interesting, attention grabbing content. The reason is simple, while Search Engine Optimisation may drive traffic to your website, when they get there, the potential buyers want to have the right information, presented effectively, so that they can make their decision and order your product or service. In their notes for webmasters, Google stress repeatedly the need to build effective, interesting content.

Because of this, content development, also known as content optimization is central to both your Search engine optimisation strategy, and to your conversion strategy for the website. Our content development services include:

  • Understanding customer preferences for content
  • Wordsmithing and content focus
  • Use of power attributes
  • Site content mix
  • Visual content as well as written content
  • Ensuring that the 'calls to action' are in place and easy to use
Is the content of your website well-written and does it support your main value propositions?

Is your writing up to scratch?

Great content comes from understanding your customer, and then applying traditional wordsmith skills, such as focussing on the core issues, making the sentances easy to read, and creating a logical flow from paragraph to paragraph. There are also many little tricks which can convert average text into good text: the choice of words, selecting and using power words, using balanced adjectives, avoiding repetition, and selecting the correct style for a given subject.

In addition there are several other content elements that a 'good' site needs which can be easily created and included to increase the value to the customer. Contact pages, links pages, guest books and news pages are all very important to your customer in helping them cone to a decision, so make sure they are used wisely.

In addition to the text based issues of a site are the impact of visual content, sometimes called 'eye-candy'. Are your pictures and illustrations supporting your story ? reinforcing your style ? We reviewed one website recently which included several poor photos of the owner of the business - and a series of captions which highlighted what he had achieved, rather than focussing on what his customers could gain or achieve.

So while Search Engine Optimisation is vital to attract customers to your site, without effective content strategies, your website may fail to convert browsers into buyers.