Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is just one of a series of techniques that can turn your website from being a 'nice to look at' to being a key part of your sales and marketing plans. What SEO does is to evaluate the website the same way as a search engine will look at it, and present information both in the website and externally so that the search engine gives your pages and the site a 'high ranking'. When your page then has that high pagerank, it will start to appear higher in the results pages of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you are competing in a market with several main players (such as 'Car Hire, Gran Canaria') then a high ranking is vital. The top ranked website will get more hits than the second and third, and in a busy sector, the sites which are ranked on the second and third pages will rarely get selected unless they have a unique tagline.

By gaining top position in Search Engine Results you will leave your competitors behind

Can you be Market Leader?

The number of pages that reference your website (or inbound links) is also very important. Many websites spend lots of time swapping links with dissimilar companies, building a huge number of links which may turn out to be worthless in terms of either the traffic generated or the added 'pagerank' that they contribute.

Is SEO a short-term strategy?

No, Using good organic SEO techniques should not be seen as a 'quick fix', but as a long term strategy. It can take several months for the Search Engines to fully reindex your site, and the sites that Link to you, meaning that results are often not instant. However when the Page-rank is developed it is quite difficult to lose, and so a good organic strategy should deliver long term traffic growth.

What do we do?

By gaining top position in Search Engine Results you will leave your competitors behind

Do you stand out from the competition?

Every website is different, and has a different objective. You may be selling 'hotel beds in Tenerife' or 'boat trips in Lanzarote' or 'windsurfing in Fuerteventura'. So every project starts by analysing the marketing objectives, the type of visitor you want to attract, and how you are going to turn their interest into business. We then take the keywords from this and determine additional keywords, synonyms and phrases that can be useful. For example if you want to get a high ranking for 'car hire in Las Palmas' you may also want to be optimised for 'car rental' in Gran Canaria'.

When we have your keywords we can then match these into the ten key areas on your website. Using this ten-point system maximises the impact of the change, and ensures that a solid, long term position is generated. The changes here will often go completely unnoticed by the actual visitor to your site, but will be picked up by the Search Engines. These ten areas form the basis of the good long term organic SEO and will help the search engines to place you higher in the rankings.